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  • News von SamanthaTraynor am 24.02.2016 09:07 Uhr

    Ubisoft hat Patch 1.04 für Assassin's Creed Syndicate veröffentlicht. PC-Nutzer dürfen sich besonders freuen, da die Performance verbessert wurde. Neben der Performance wurden viele Bugs und Fehler behoben die ihr hier gleich nachlesen könnt.

    Assassin's Creed Syndicate Update


    - Added DLC - The Last Maharaja support
    - Fixed "Jack's message" puzzle issue
    - Fixed crash in World War I mission
    - Fixed crash on Title Screen when downloading Jack The Ripper
    - Fixed geometry corruption on Intel integrated GPU
    - Fixed TXAA shaking
    - Fixed several render issues
    - Fixed several UI issues
    - Fixed few online issues

    Please refer to this update about SLI Performance issues.


    - Fixed an issue where glitches might fail to award the player Helix rewards
    - Fixed an issue where the permanent XP Boost from the Season Pass would not be present in some cases


    - Fixed a typo with the Military Chapel's bombing description
    - Fixed an issue where the "Legendary Assassin kukri" would appear uncrafted and unusable after crafting it
    - Fixed an issue with some achievements unlocking when they should not


    - Fixed an issue in the "A Night to Remember" mission where the user could be stuck outside the vault in some rare cases, leaving no possibility to progress further
    - Fixed an issue, in the "Jack the Ripper" DLC, in the “Jack’s Lieutenants” mission where the objective would not update
    - Fixed an issue, in the "Jack the Ripper" DLC, in the “Letter of Intent” mission where it could fail without a desynch in some specific cases


    - Improved performance and stability

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